You say terrarium, I say tillarium

So recently I became interested in terrariums, and as it happened, my friend Amy was interested too, so a couple weeks ago we embarked on a mission to exotic Lynnwood for supplies. I had read a tip on Yelp to check Michael’s for containers, so we did that and found some good ones. I was […]

Seen around Austin

So, got back from QuiltCon earlier this week and it was pretty much the best thing ever! I was inspired by so many things – lots of quilts, creative folks, and the idea of being around hundreds of people who love quilting and fabric like I do! I’ll probably post more pictures of quilts and […]

Welcome to my blog!

This here is my blog where I’ll ramble about my creative projects and whatever else I think of. But mostly I’ll stick to creative projects, so if you’re interested in quilting, needlecraft, baking, style and design, you might find it enjoyable! This is my first modern quilt called Oreos and Creamsicles. It will be on […]